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   Paegii (패기) means ambition in Korean. Project Paegii is collaborating with Changshin Hills, the accommodation based in Changshin-dong, Seoul. This project is a communication and community for the youngsters to gather with their own strong points and share it with others and maybe teach them even though you are not the the best one in the very field. We are not willing to stand back for the professionals to stand in the way where we can pave. The goal of this project can vary from one community to another, but one thing for sure, we want all the participants to feel grateful for themselves and trust in their skills so that each members can push oneself forward. It's only the beginning. We will make it huge and right.  We are looking for the brave ones. Always.

Interior design : Jusung Byun

Exterior design : Jusung Byun

Creative / Art director : Wonsuk Seo

Photography : Wonsuk Seo



Interior & Exterior

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