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   In human history and beyond, the color has been one of the most vital elements among others. The colors are everywhere and anywhere in our daily life. The colors are not just colors, but they contain individual’s stories and experiences in them. They appear differently to every single people. I believe colors can be a medium to express ourselves and emotions and show who we are to others. I strongly insist this amazing thing could be a very powerful medium to communicate. Through communication using colors, we can share our stories and brand people.

YOU 1.jpg
YOU 2.jpg
YOU 3.jpg
YOU 4.jpg
YOU 5.jpg
YOU 6.jpg
YOU 7.jpg
YOU 8.jpg
YOU 10.jpg
YOU 9.jpg
YOU 12.jpg
YOU 11.jpg
YOU 14.jpg
YOU 13.jpg
YOU 16.jpg
YOU 15.jpg
YOU 17.jpg
 cobalt blue Mockup.png
‎unit 7 final.‎001.jpeg
‎unit 7 final.‎002.jpeg
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